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Expert Technical and Sales Services for the Thin-Wall Packaging and CPG Markets

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We can assist, especially with thin-wall injection or thermoformed packaging components.  In our world, key drivers include part light-weighting, manufacturability, consumer convenience and logistics and other operating efficiencies. We’ve developed myriad product concepts, including 3D CAD models, photorealistic renders, 3D printed prototypes, and injection molded parts from pilot molds.
KBS Impact are holders of several patents and patents pending.  Many of these are available to converters or brand owners under license.  We can tailor an agreement specific to a brand or vertical market.  Enjoy advantages and margins to which your competitor does not have access.
We know many of the key stakeholders at the major consumer packaged goods companies.  And we can help with market information, personal access, counseling, technical assistance at meetings, etc.
You may have a backlog of projects and don’t want to permanently increase the size of your staff.  The KBS Impact team has many years of experience around technical activities, having led projects such as the installation of injection molding systems along with ancillary equipment, installation of dry-offset printing presses, plant layout models.  We’ve trained employees in fundamentals of injection molding and been guest lecturers in packaging training courses.  We can also work up sensitivity models to help you determine the optimum manufacturing system for your application.

KBS Impact at work

Recently, we created a speculative prototype for the packaging of a leading vitamin brand.  We deployed UfLIPsealTM in a way that can improve the safety, intuitiveness and cost-effectiveness of the package.

To meet this challenge, the KBS team reimagined the vitamin bottle from the ground up. 

The KBS Impact team has the experience and imagination necessary to innovate consumer solutions. If you’d like to reach the team, contact us now.

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